Your question: Does Liquid Karma raise PH?

Does Liquid Karma lower PH?

Liquid Karma (Molassas as well) contains ingredients that feed both the beneficial fungi as well as bacteria in my soil. It also helps to drop my PH naturally to an acceptable level. If it gets too low I use Protect silica to bringit up, and apple cider vinegar to take it down.

What does Liquid Karma do?

Botanicare Liquid Karma is a proprietary blend that promotes increased microbial colonization within grow media or soil. It can be used throughout the entire growth cycle in combination with your preferred plant food. It’s also effective as a foliar spray to enhance growth.

Is Liquid Karma good?

Liquid Karma works great after monster cropping because it helps a stressed plant. That would be a severely stressed plant. Liquid Karma is great for Stress, seedlings, and in veg.

What is Liquid Karma made from?

Fermented Compost Solution – prepared by exhaustive bacterial and enzymatic fermentation of fish meal, composted seabird guano, spirulina, sea kelp, and soybean meal. … Amino Acids – Liquid Karma contains essential amino acids which are derived from casein hydrolysate and soybean protein hydrolysate.

When should I use Liquid Karma?

Use with every watering (1 Tbsp/ gallon) during the entire growth cycle from seedling until flush. May also be applied as a foliar spray — from seedling or clone to early flowering — to further enhance growth.

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How do you use liquid karma?

Usage Application

Use with every watering during your entire growth cycle. Shake well before each use. Mix well and adjust pH accordingly. 5-10 ml per gallon from clones or seedling into ripening.

What does nirvana do for plants?

If you’re into 100% organic gardening, nirvana is an important part of your feed program. Nirvana combines high-end organic nitrogen with other organic stimulants. It’s guaranteed to help plants grow faster & produce more, better & bigger flowers.

How do you use Hydroplex?

Usage Application

Shake well before each use. Application amount is 2-5 ml per gallon. Use in conjunction with Botanicare nutrients or prefered plant food supplements. Hydroplex is highly effective in soil, hydroponic, and soilless gardens.

How do you use Advanced Nutrients Nirvana?

Nirvana is the only true organic harvest-boosting gift for your plants. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 2 ml Nirvana per liter (0.4 tsp per quart) during weeks 3 through 6 of the flowering phase. Ingredients: Earthworm castings, humus, seaweed extract (Laminaria saccharina) and alfalfa meal.

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