Is Zen moment good on hand cannons?

Is Zen moment a good perk?

How Useful is It? Overall this perks effect is not particularly powerful for most weapons in measurable or realistic terms for many weapons; altho it is definitely effective on others, so much so that it could be the only cure to a weapons wonky recoil.

What is the best hand cannon in Destiny 2?

Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2

  • Igneous Hammer (Solar, 120rpm)
  • Fatebringer (Kinetic, 140rpm)
  • Bottom Dollar (Void, 120rpm)
  • The Palindrome (Void, 140rpm)
  • Waking Vigil (Arc, 140rpm)
  • Ancient Gospel (Solar, 140rpm)
  • Survivor’s Epitaph (Kinetic, 180rpm)
  • True Prophecy (Kinetic, 120rpm)

What’s the best exotic hand cannon?

There’s no doubting that Ace of Spades is the best overall exotic hand cannon. It’ll serve you in just about any game mode Destiny 2 has to offer.

Is the trust hand cannon good?

And I got a god roll, Well my version of a god roll ! Precision frame , hammer forged rifling , accurized rounds , dragonfly and explosive payload ! Minimum recoil fast firing and extra damage per shot with EP.

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What is a Zen moment?

Once you are focused on the sound, take a moment to realize that you are focused on something other than yourself. Think of all the things that you are not thinking about, but don’t think about them, because that would ruin the moment. Congratulations! You’ve had a Zen moment.

What does Zen moment do Destiny 2?

Zen moment does: Fully stabilize the dot sight on certain weapons*, which is only a visual assist – it’s subjective and does not directly change the performance of the gun. Begin working at full strength the instant you land your first bullet.

Are 140 hand cannons still good?

On bigger maps, 140 rpm hand cannons are not as useful because they have more visual recoil. At range, gamers will have to wait for the reticle to re-center, which essentially makes the increased fire rate useless.

Is Thorn good in PvE?

It’s certainly contextually strong and makes Thorn a massive killer in PvE, but it’s not so different than other chain-killers like Sunshot or Riskrunner or Trinity Ghoul, plus it requires you to have Necrotic Grip on.

Is Thorn still good Destiny 2?

Pros: Over-penetrating rounds are good for groups. DoT is extremely useful, especially on shielded enemies when an energy weapon can’t be used, and helps with range limitations. Soul Devourer does high damage and is easy to proc and maintain.

Exotic Review | Thorn (Destiny 2)

Weapon Total Damage DPS
Not Forgotten 733,260 29,330

Is Lumina hand cannon worth it?

Is the Lumina Worth It? This support hand cannon is a surprisingly entertaining weapon that can really cater to certain playstyles. … The weapon does enough damage to make it viable against most foes and the Noble Rounds are perfect for taking down powerful enemies.

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What are the best legendary hand cannons?

Destiny 2: 10 Best Hand Cannons, Ranked

  1. 1 Thorn. On top of being a top notch gun, Thorn comes with a powerful 2 piece perk combination that both deals extra damage to the opponent and makes the player more powerful.
  2. 2 Spare Rations. …
  3. 3 Austringer. …
  4. 4 Not Forgotten. …
  5. 5 Luna’s Howl. …
  6. 6 Optative. …
  7. 7 Last Word. …
  8. 8 Waking Vigil. …


Is Eriana’s vow good?

Eriana’s Vow is an odd weapon. It’s a hand cannon like Ace of Spades, but it fires very slowly and uses Special ammo. Eriana’s Vow packs a serious punch, dealing a ton of headshot damage if you can stay accurate. … Eriana’s isn’t a great weapon for raids or bosses, but it’s essential for taking down mini-bosses.

What is the best hand cannon for Crucible?

The Steady Hand / Crimson / True Prophecy / Last Word / Survivor’s Epitaph / Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon) Hand Cannons are still the go to for most players on PC. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Crimson because it’s accurate but also burst fires which gives you more leeway when it comes to landing your shots.

Is trust good in PvP?

If you don’t have a Luna then Trust is the best PvP handcannon, no doubt (not including Not Forgotten cause let’s be real, if you don’t have Luna you are not getting Not Forgotten). Add backup mag to get 12 in the clip or target acquisition mod.

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