Is heart chakra feminine?

To love and share love is a natural feminine power, and the Divine Feminine energy thrives on exchanging love, including love to self.

Is heart chakra masculine or feminine?

Our pink heart chakra affirmation on the back of our bottles helps align our feminine chakra energy. The green aspect of the heart chakra is the masculine and the ability to both give and receive love.

Which chakra is feminine?

The Sacral Chakra~

This chakra governs our relationship to the feminine, our reproductive area and our femininity. We are also determining the safety of expressing our feelings, experiencing emotions and also connecting to our intuition.

Are chakras male or female?

The direction in which the chakras rotate is also different in the two sexes making them unique to its gender. The chakra in a female body rotates anti-clockwise, and in the male body, clockwise. The female energy is comprised of electrons and the male energy of protons.

What chakra is masculine energy?

Root chakra is associated with divine Masculine – regardless of our physical gender, we are meant to be balanced energetically between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The divine masculine is not afraid of the unknown – it is fearless, courageous, and loyal.

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These marriages are connected at the solar plexus, or the surya chakra. A connection formed on the basis of love is much higher and has no ties. It is established at the anahat chakra, the seat of selfless love. Love can never hold you back or tie you with emotions and conditions.

What is the high heart chakra?

The Higher Heart Chakra is located at the Thymus. … The Thymus is energetically represented by the Higher Heart Chakra, also known as the Etheric Chakra, and the Seat of The Soul. It is a filter of unconditional love and acts for the highest good of all, enabling connection with the Divine and Divine Soul Union.

How long does it take to open the root chakra?

Working with a reiki master to open your root chakra is helpful, says Ravelo, because they have the expertise to give you a more concentrated healing experience. “What you may be able to accomplish in a few weeks, it might take just one session to do,” she says.

How do you activate feminine energy?

How to be more feminine:

  1. Reflect. Many of us are so busy that we rarely take time to listen to what’s going on inside of us. …
  2. Go into nature. …
  3. Get creative. …
  4. Hone your emotional expression. …
  5. Value spontaneity and play. …
  6. Force yourself to transform.


How do you awaken your divine feminine?

So here are some practical ways to awaken Her:

  1. Examine your wounds surrounding femininity. …
  2. Commit to self-love & self-acceptance. …
  3. Awaken the Divine Feminine – Connect with your body. …
  4. Get outside and be with mumma nature. …
  5. Feel your feelings (without judgement) …
  6. Get comfortable speaking your truth.
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Is the throat chakra masculine?

The throat chakra, or vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the center of the neck. … The throat chakra has a masculine energy and is symbolized by a blue 16-petaled flower.

Do all chakras spin in the same direction?

Ideally each chakra is in its optimum state when it is spinning clockwise, at a medium pace and hence in balance. Neither should the energy shifts in the mind spirit and body of the individual be too activated and nor should they be too weak and sluggish. But that isn’t really possible at all times for all chakras.

What chakra is in the throat?

The throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is the fifth chakra. It’s located at the base of your throat. If there’s a problem with your throat chakra, you can use throat chakra stones to heal it.

Is sacral chakra masculine or feminine?

On the other side is sensuality, in the sense of embracing one’s own natural human sexuality. The sacral chakra has a feminine energy and is symbolized by a flower and crescent moon. Elementally, the sacral chakra is associated with water, and its mantra is, “I feel.”

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