Frequent question: What does love boost do in zen koi 2?

Increases the rate of mates appearing for breeding while active. Lasts for 5 minutes. When the Love boost is active it adds an additional experience points for spawning a mate, allowing the player to get more mates per koi level.

What is the point of zen koi 2?

Zen Koi 2 is a game designed to be a relaxing way to pass time. The basic premise is to ascend a koi fish from an egg into a dragon.

How do you get rare fish in zen koi 2?

How To Obtain Rare Koi In Zen Koi

  1. Even if you just pick up Zen Koi for a relaxing swim among beautiful fish, you’ll inadvertently find yourself yearning for rare koi patterns. …
  2. Spend pearls on slots, not new koi. …
  3. Keep an empty koi slot. …
  4. Always breed, always hatch eggs. …
  5. Max your koi’s levels one at a time. …
  6. Level speed and agility over rarity.

How do you get collectors koi in zen koi 2?

Various collector’s koi patterns can be purchased for real money in premium Koi packs or obtained in a variety of ways for free: by discovering them in the pond during seasonal events, buying them in the Shop for Pearls, or getting as a Daily Login Reward.

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How do you get essence in zen koi 2?

The player can collect Essence in the Dragon Realm after awakening their Dragon using an Awakening Orb. 12-17 Essence can be collected each time. Essence can also be purchased in the shop for real money. Essence is used to purchase in-game decorations for the player’s personal pond.

How do you eat the puffer fish in zen koi?

If the player taps the gems button when a puffed puffer fish, a leaping teleport fish, or a diving scarab is on screen, the prey animation might get stuck. The bugged prey can still be eaten normally. The player can eat a shield fish faster if they tap the gems button the moment their koi hits the prey.

How do you get a dragon in zen koi?

Each fish ascends into a dragon once you reach its maximum pond size. This nets you one Pearl and one Dragon Point, both having their own uses. Pearls are used to increase koi and egg slots, as well as purchase boosts and random fish in patterns you have unlocked.

How do you breed fish in zen koi?

You will need to direct your koi to stay as close as possible to the mate. Te easiest way is to place your finger on the head of the mate, and slide it accordingly in order to follow it. As you keep up, a large circle will start to form around the two fish.

When was zen koi released?

Zen Koi 2 was released Google Play Store on 8 Dec 2017 and on the App Store on 15 Dec 2017.

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Where are the symbols in zen koi?

Once you have gems swirling around your Koi, tap on ‘?’ and Expand pond’ notification on the lower left of the pond. Your Koi will automatically be guided to the symbol to deposit the gems.

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