Frequent question: How much karma do you lose in Tranquility Lane?

Killing people as the Pint-Sized Slasher causes -50 Karma penalty per person or -400 Karma total for killing everyone.

Do you lose karma in Tranquility Lane?

You should be able to wrap up the quest without losing any karma.

Can you beat Tranquility Lane without losing karma?

It doesn’t matter how much karma you lose, assuming you’re doing it for the achievements, even if you kill everyone there, you shouldn’t drop so much.

Can you save everyone in Tranquility Lane?

To save everyone in Tranquility, and to do the quest with “good karma,” you must go to the abandonded house. Inside, you will notice 5 objects: A radio, a water pitcher, a cinder block, a garden gnome, and an empty nuka-cola bottle. When you click on them, you will notice that they make a music note.

Where is the failsafe in Tranquility Lane?

To activate the failsafe after arriving in Tranquility Lane, begin by standing up from the bench you spawned on and heading to the first house on your left. Once inside the abandoned house, you will see a bunch of items lying around the room, a glass bottle, gnome, cinder block, glass pitcher and a radio.

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Do you have to kill everyone in Tranquility Lane?

After leaving the abandoned house, you will notice some Chinese soldiers killing everyone in the Tranquility Lane, except you. However, you will receive positive Karma for freeing them from eternal suffering.

Can you do Tranquility Lane with good karma?

The Lone Wanderer will gain good Karma and the citizens of Tranquility Lane will be revived and killed by the Chinese soldiers.

How do I get into Vault 112?

The entrance to Vault 112 is inside Smith Casey’s garage; it has some mole rats and radroaches, but it’s nothing that cannot be dealt with. After proceeding past the counter and into the workshop, there is a large hatch in the floor just to the left; it can be opened by activating a switch on the wall beside it.

How do you arrange a creative death for Mabel Henderson?

Well, this is a clever way to kill Mabel (though there are others, if you can figure them out). Speak with Mabel hereafter and ask her to make you one of her famous pies. She’ll agree and head into the kitchen to pre-heat the oven. When she does this, she’ll be met with an untimely death.

Where is the overseers key in Vault 112?

To get into the Overseer’s room, you must first get the password, which is found in the equipment room on the same floor as the tranquility loungers. Hacking into the room requires 25 Science. Inside you will find a table with energy weapons and a holotape, which contains the password.

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Can you save the Vault 112 residents?

You can’t. Their bodies are long dead, anyway, so returning them to them would just kill them.

Can you free the people of Vault 112?

You free them by killing them – they will never leave otherwise. You can see Dr. Braun’s pod in the Overseer’s office. Not sure if you can deactivate it or anything though.

What vault is your dad in Fallout 3?

James, also known as Dad is the father of the Lone Wanderer and Vault 101’s resident doctor in Fallout 3.

Should I go with Dad to Rivet City?

Once you rescue Dad, you don’t have to tag along with him or follow him. Dad is a grown adult and will find his way. I just go off somewhere else, ie another quest or so. And then you can come back to the main quest by going to the Science Lab at Rivet City.

How do you kill Mabel Henderson?

Ask her to bake you a pie, and go to her stove and fiddle with the pilot light. Sets her on fire when she goes to make it.

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