You asked: Who is von Karma’s daughter?

Franziska von Karma is a prosecuting attorney and the daughter of the late veteran prosecutor Manfred von Karma.

And that is “perfection”. The von Karmas are a German family of which three are known by name: late Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, his prosecuting prodigy daughter Franziska von Karma, and Miles Edgeworth by adoption.

Does Franziska von Karma have a daughter?

Manfred von Karma
Occupation Prosecutor (formerly)
Affiliation Franziska von Karma (prodigy) Miles Edgeworth (protége)
Family Unnamed granddaughter
Children Unnamed older daughter Franziska von Karma (daughter) Miles Edgeworth (surrogate son)

Are Edgeworth and Franziska siblings?

This could be a reference to the equally redundant Speed Racer character, Inspector Detector. The daughter of legendary disgraced prosecutor Manfred von Karma, and sister to the adopted Edgeworth, Franziska is a legend in the legal world.

Why did Manfred von Karma adopt Edgeworth?

In order to get his fully perfect revenge against Gregory Edgeworth, the only man to ruin his perfect guilty record, he had to perform the worst possible things to get his revenge. Killing Gregory wasn’t enough, he proceeded to adopt the young Miles to begin phase two.

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How did Edgeworth die?

The last thing he heard was a demonic scream that would haunt him for the next 15 years. He woke up inside a hospital; by that time, Gregory Edgeworth was dead, fatally shot in the heart by Yogi’s pistol.

Did von Karma kill Edgeworth?

Seeing his chance for revenge, von Karma picked up the gun and shot Edgeworth in the heart, killing him instantly.

Who is the main villain in Ace Attorney?

Manfred von Karma (狩魔 豪, Karuma Gō) is the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Why does Franziska call Edgeworth little brother?

Tl,dr: edgeworth is the “younger brother” to Franziska since he “joined the family” after her. She was the first one to join the family, he joined after her.

Is von Karma left handed?

She is ambidextrous, because Von Karma’s left hand must be same as right. … Manfred von Karma also snaps his fingers using his left hand.

Is 7 an incident?

The IS-7 Incident refers to a murder that took place in the mansion of Jeff Master on December 24, 2000. … The incident revolved around the trial of a famous television chef, Jeff Master, who had been accused of killing Isaac Dover. His defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, faced the infamous prosecutor Manfred von Karma.

Who killed Gregory Edgeworth?

After Yogi’s confession, Miles claims that he murdered his father, sparking a new investigation into the DL-6 case. Wright proves that Miles is innocent of his father’s murder, and uncovers evidence that von Karma was the one who murdered Gregory Edgeworth after having committed perjury.

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Does Miles Edgeworth have a sister?

Franziska von Karma was born and raised in Germany, with her father being the infamous, undefeated prosecutor Manfred von Karma. Her father began mentoring an orphaned Miles Edgeworth, who she came to view as a rival and “little brother” (despite being younger than him).

Why did von Karma die?

Lead Poisoning. Most likely, he felt defeated and died of old age, or potentially other causes.

Are Phoenix and Edgeworth together?

Originally, the ship started during the end of Turnabout Samurai, where Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright have their first full-fledged conversation in years. … Phoenix takes it upon himself to become Miles’ lawyer and defend him in court. In the end, he succeeds and the two form a closer bond.

Did von Karma get executed?

Manfred von Karma. This man caused the DL-6 incident, scarred Edgeworth for life, inadvertently caused Misty Fey’s isolation from the Fey Clan and later Mia’s death. Finally caught on December 28th 2016 and sentenced to death executed by February 19th 2019!

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