You asked: What does Zen moment do Destiny 2?

Zen moment does: Fully stabilize the dot sight on certain weapons*, which is only a visual assist – it’s subjective and does not directly change the performance of the gun. Begin working at full strength the instant you land your first bullet.

Is Zen moment a good perk?

How Useful is It? Overall this perks effect is not particularly powerful for most weapons in measurable or realistic terms for many weapons; altho it is definitely effective on others, so much so that it could be the only cure to a weapons wonky recoil.

Is Zen moment good on hand cannons?

Yes, it’s a decent perk. Not on at the moment but iirc I’ve got a Better Devils with Zen Moment and Snapshot and it’s fairly decent for PvP and PvE.

Does Zen moment do anything on PC?

From what I’ve learned about Zen Moment (from vids and stuff) it seems that it boosts stability by about 33% from the stat on the gun. This doesn’t mean much on PC as stability and recoil are significantly different from what it is on Console. … You would expect PC to have even less since there’s less recoil.

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What is the God roll for Messenger?

The Messenger god roll for PVE

Smallbore is a fantastic Barrel perk that sees the Range and Stability stat increased a bit. Unlike PVP, Range and Handling aren’t that important in PVE activities.

What is a Zen moment?

Once you are focused on the sound, take a moment to realize that you are focused on something other than yourself. Think of all the things that you are not thinking about, but don’t think about them, because that would ruin the moment. Congratulations! You’ve had a Zen moment.

Are 140 hand cannons still good?

On bigger maps, 140 rpm hand cannons are not as useful because they have more visual recoil. At range, gamers will have to wait for the reticle to re-center, which essentially makes the increased fire rate useless.

What is the best 180 hand cannon?

Not Forgotten has been overthrown by the Deep Stone Crypt’s Posterity Precision Frame Hand Cannon. With an absurdly high base stat range and a great perk pool, this weapon is arguably the strongest 180 RPM Hand Cannon currently available in Destiny 2.

What RPM is the last word?

The Last Word
Fire mode: Semi-automatic with optional fan-firing mode
Rate of fire: 225 RPM
Damage: Kinetic

How long does killing wind last?

It lasts a whopping five seconds on its own, although this can be stacked to last up to ten seconds. This is a top-tier choice in PvP and a great alternative to a damage perk inside of PvE. With how many weapons can roll with Killing Wind in Beyond Light, this is a great perk to chase.

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How do I get adept messenger?

Source: Flawless chest completion in the Trials of Osiris Lighthouse.

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