What is Sama Saptama yoga?

When the bride and groom’s Rasi is located on the 1-7 axis or in other words 7th house from each others Rasi, it’s called “Sama Saptama or Sapthakam Yoga; the couple will have a very happy married life. This yoga may not be conclusive as many other factors may influence the compatibility report eg.

Is Samasaptaka good for marriage?

Even while matching charts for marriage, if the Janma Rasis of both the boy and the girl are in Samasaptaka, it is said to give auspicious results such as happiness, wealth, children, affection and intimacy between the couple.

What is Samasapthama astrology?

Samasapthama And Its Effects Opposite Chandra Signs

In Boys And Girls Horoscopes. 1. When the boys Lagna (ascendant) and the girls lagna are in samasapthama positions it will cause physical attraction. 2. If the janma rasis Chandra signs are like this it is said to create mutual affinity between the couples.

What indicates short life in astrology?

Alpayu in astrology indicates that the individual may enjoy only a short life span, based on unique planetary combinations in the horoscope or the birth chart.

What is Sama Saptaka?

“Sama-Saptaka” means mutual seventh and refers to the placement of two ‘otherwise friendly planets’ in mutual one-seventh houses from each other. … (1)The mutual placement of Saturn and Mars in the 1st and 7th houses causes Unmada Yoga or madness.

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What is nipuna yoga?

If Sun and Mercury are in the same house without combustion (moudyam) is called Nipuna yoga or Budha-Aditya yoga. Result: A person born with this yoga is highly intelligent, skillful in all works, He will have a good reputation, Respectable, and will be surrounded by all comforts and happiness.

Which planet causes death?

When Saturn is malefic and is associated with planets causing death or with the lord of the 3rd or the 11th house then Saturn becomes the prime effective maraka to cause death.

How will I die zodiac signs?

How they will die

  • Aries: Will probably die from a sky diving accident. …
  • Taurus: Will probably die from overworking themselves too hard. …
  • Gemini: Will probably die from talking nonstop and forgetting to breath. …
  • Cancer: Will probably die from drowning in their own tears. …
  • Leo: …
  • Virgo: …
  • Libra: …
  • Scorpio.

Which planet is responsible for long life?

According to Vedic astrology Saturn is the responsible for life span and in a kundli the 8th house decides a person’s longevity. A native may have a long life if his kundli has the auspicious arrangement of the 8th house, Saturn, Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant.

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