How do I exchange Dilithium to Zen?

How do you convert Dilithium?

Refined Dilithium is also available via the in-game Dilithium Exchange, which can be accessed via the downward arrow on the mini-map. Here, you can exchange ZEN you’ve transferred into STO for Refined Dilithium, and vice-versa.

How do you sell dilithium in Zen Xbox one?

You open the Dilithium exchange tab, in the bottom left corner you select how much dilithium you’re willing to exchange for one zen (nothing prohibits you from buying at an higher price or from offering to buy it should it drop a bit), put in the amount of dilithium you want to sell (eg 20k at 400 dil per zen), the …

How do you trade Dilithium between characters?

Simply post a sale of dilithium for zen at the default price or any that is below the going rate where it won’t be sold and then cancel the sale. This will put the dilithium in your ‘wallet’ in the exchange. You can then switch characters and withdraw the refined dilithium.

What do you do with dilithium ore?

How do I use Dilithium in-game? As mentioned, once Dilithium Ore is refined, it becomes a spendable currency. Many ships in-game require Dilithium to be purchased. Federation players can find Starship Requisitions at Earth Spacedock, Deep Space 9, Deep Space K-7 and Starbase 39-Sierra.

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How do I get a dilithium mining claim?

Players can trade in their Claims to the Ferengi EV Suit Vendor at The Nerrak located in the Vlugta Asteroid Field, where players may exchange Dilithium Mining Claims for Dilithium Vouchers. Each Claim may be exchanged for either 2,500 Reputation Dilithium Vouchers or 2,500 Fleet Dilithium Vouchers.

How do you refine more dilithium?

There is the NPC at the fleet dilithium mine which lets you refine 500 dil a day. So those together equal 1000 extra per day. To transfer dil between characters, put dilithium on the dil/zen exchange for an absurd amount of zen, switch characters, and then cancel the offer and withdraw the dilithium.

How do you get Zen in STO?

One can also gain Zen through Arc platform by doing Arc Quests, where Arc points can be exchanged for Zen(not available on pc anymore). Gold or Lifetime players can also earn 500 Zen at the end of every month for as long as their accounts remain such.

What time does Dilithium refining reset?

Re: Questionite-refining timing

It resets once every 24 hours, aound 6-8 PM server time (US/Califorina Time zone), same time the next Daily spawns. You can always gather extra and just hit refine the next day. Always be Stylin!

Can you trade Dilithium ore?

Upgrading costs Dilithium. You can trade Dilithium for Zen. You can donate Dilithium to your fleet’s holdings for 1 Fleet Credit per 1 Dilithium.

How do I transfer Zen between games?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Already have Zen? Go to My Wallet. Once you are here, simply select the game you wish to transfer your Zen, the server your character is on and the amount. Once you have those 3 criteria filled out, click Transfer and you’re done!

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Where can I find Dilithium?

Dilithium Locations

System Zone Found Level
Fellebia Federation 40
Huebr Romulan 24
Izanagi Romulan 32
K’amia Klingon 24

Do Romulan ships use Dilithium?

According to Memory Alpha, Romulans do not use dilithium for their propulsion but artificial quantum singularities. They therefore should not have been affected by The Burn, would’ve retained their full fleet and full warp capabilities and they could’ve easily taken over some sectors.

Where is dilithium fleet command?

Dilithium can be found in level 9 systems and above. Try exploring in level 9 or higher systems to find dilithium.

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