Best answer: What type of support is karma?

Karma Build 11.12 ranks as an F-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 47.44% (Bad), Pick Rate of 4.39% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.39% (Low).

What kind of support is karma?

Karma is an excellent pick into more peel-oriented supports and short-range carries. She bullies out champions like Braum, Alistar, Tristana, and Vayne through the early levels.

Is Karma a support?

Karma is just not very suitable support, she needs farm and items to be effective. That’s why most people who play her play AP carry karma mid or top.

Is Karma mid or support?

Karma has priority in the majority of mid lane matchups and has a very respectable 2v2. You can absolutely pressure early with a Karma mid.

What Lane does karma go?

Your first ability for level 1 should be Q , and then you should start maxing out Q . After that, you can start leveling up E followed by W . What Lane Is Karma? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is frequently played in the Support position.

What ethnicity is karma?

Karma is supposed to be indian… – League of Legends.

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Who goes well with Karma support?

Karma synergises well with lane bully adcs. We’re talking Caitlyn, Draven, Ashe, Lucian. This is because she can shield the adc when they come up to poke, and she can also poke extremely well herself with q and r-q. She can also cover up for weaknesses that some adcs may have in lane.

Which karma skin is the best?

Due to the fitting concept and appealing execution Order of the Lotus Karma is the recommended skin. It provides an attractive and elegant look along some nicely done particles. It does a great job at evoking Karma’s core characteristics and stands proud as her best skin.

How does Karma top work?

How is this working? Karma has a decent amount of base damage on her abilities, in addition to CC, shields, and heals. The mantra’d root (W) is really strong for her trades and 1v1’s as it allows her to heal a maximum of 40% health at all ranks.

What are karmas abilities?


  • Passive. Gathering Fire. Reduces Mantra’s cooldown each time Karma damages an enemy champion with one of her abilities or basic attacks.
  • Q. Inner Flame. Karma sends forth a ball of spirit energy that explodes and deals damage upon hitting an enemy unit. …
  • W. Focused Resolve. …
  • E. Inspire. …
  • R. Mantra.

Is Karma black lol?

A white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. … Then Karma can only be a black girl with an afro and purple eyes.

How do you build support?

Some Ideas for Building Your Social Support System

  1. Volunteer. …
  2. Take up a sport or join a gym. …
  3. Start a book club and invite some people to join who you don’t already know well. …
  4. Meet your neighbors and co-workers. …
  5. Join professional organizations. …
  6. Use online resources.
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Is karma good lol?

Before the mastery changes, Karma was a perfectly serviceable support champion. I don’t think she’s by any means weak, but she’s just alright in a field with some very overtuned supports at the moment.

Is karma support good Reddit?

Karma Support is better in the lategame than most people would think. Yes Karma is an early game champ, but when it comes down to Supports, she still outdamages most of them, but that’s not what i was talking about.

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